Virtual Attendees

The instruction here is for the AJCAI 2022 virtual attendees who have registered and will be attending the conference virtually.

AJCAI 2022 virtual attendance will be made via MS Teams. In the mornings of each conference day, you will receive an email containing all the instructions and links to join the sessions online. You do NOT need MS Teams or MS Teams account to join (you can join via your web browser). Please ensure that you are joining the sessions using your registered name, otherwise you may be rejected from staying in the session.

Please see below for common guidelines for your online attendance:

  • 10 minutes before the Session: The host will start the designated MS Teams meeting.
  • Beginning of the Session: The Session Chair will introduce the session and the presenters.
  • A live Q&A Session will follow each talk, moderated by the Session Chair (assisted by the online moderator for online attendees).
  • Participants must remain muted during the presentations, but you can still submit questions during the presentation via the chat function (aka, before the Q&A Session).
  • The Session Chair may select and ask questions from online participants during the Q&A session. Please note that, there may not be sufficient time to ask all questions due to time limits. We encourage participants to contact authors during breaks or after the conference to follow up with the questions.
  • The Session Chair may ask the participants to clarify the question if needed.

 Please contact the General Chair using the enquiries link below if you are having any issues or difficulties joining the conference online.


For urgent matters on-site, please contact Muminah Gilani (, or general virtual-related inquiries, please contact Jin Hong (


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