Accepted Papers

The online proceedings will be freely available from 2/12/2022 until 2/1/2023

paper # Author-title
141 Zachary Todd and Thomas Li. Automated on Vehicle Road Defect Data Collection, and Detection
217 Md. Asif Bin Khaled, Md Junayed Hossain, Saifur Rahman and Jannatul Ferdaus. Multiclass Classification for GvHD Prognosis Prior to Allogenic Stem Cell Transplantation
878 Shaofei Shen, Weitong Chen and Miao Xu. What Leads to Arrhythmia: Active Causal Representation Learning of ECG Classification
1247 Sayed Waleed Qayyumi, Laurence Park and Oliver Obst. Active Learning for kNN using Instance Impact
1572 Ruwang Jiao, Bing Xue and Mengjie Zhang. Handling Different Preferences between Objectives for Multi-objective Feature Selection in Classification
1750 Michael Stewart. QUARRY: A Graph Model for Storing and Querying Association Rules
1846 Caitlin Owen, Grant Dick and Peter Whigham. Towards Explainable AutoML Using Error Decomposition
1945 Gayan Kincy Kulatilleke, Marius Portmann, Ryan Ko and Shekhar S. Chandra. FDGATII : Fast Dynamic Graph Attention with Initial Residual and Identity
1978 Anjali de Silva, Gang Chen, Hui Ma and Mohammad Nekooei. Genetic Algorithm with a novel Leiden-based Mutation Operator for Community Detection
2007 Greg Lee, Jordan Pippy and Mark Hobbs. Optimizing the Feature Set for Machine Learning Charitable Predictions
2053 Binh Thanh Dang, Bach Hoai Nguyen and Peter Andreae. Operation-based Greedy Algorithm for Discounted Knapsack Problem
2105 Wenhao Ma, Yu-Cheng Chang, Yu-Kai Wang and Chin-Teng Lin. Human-autonomous Teaming Framework Based on Trust Modelling
2203 Poornima Santhosh, Gilad Gressel and Michael Darling. Using Uncertainty as a Defense Against Adversarial Attacks for Tabular Datasets
2342 Muhammad Talha, Aya Hussein and Mo Hossny. Autonomous UAV Navigation in Wilderness Search-and-Rescue Operations Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
2834 Glennn Moy and Slava Shekh. Evolution Strategies for Sparse Reward Gridworld Environments
3172 Peng Wang, Bing Xue, Jing Liang and Mengjie Zhang. Niching-Assisted Genetic Programming for Finding Multiple High-Quality Classifiers
3193 Zainy M. Malakan, Ghulam Mubashar Hassan and Ajmal Mian. Vision Transformer Based Model for Describing a Set of Images as a Story
3367 Nuha Aldausari, Arcot Sowmya, Nadine Marcus and Gelareh Mohammadi. Diverse Audio-to-Video GAN Using Multiscale Image Fusion
3476 Jesse Wood, Bach Hoai Nguyen, Daniel Killeen, Bing Xue and Mengjie Zhang. Automated Fish Classification Using Unprocessed Fatty Acid Chromatographic Data: A Machine Learning Approach
3477 Anh Duc Bui, Soyeon Han and Josiah Poon. SG-Shuffle: Multi-aspect Shuffle Transformer for Scene Graph Generation
3667 Bowen Chen, Yun Sing Koh and Ben Halstead. Active Learning Using Difficult Instances
4106 Yuguang Zhao, Gang Chen, Hui Ma, Xingquan Zuo and Guanqun Ai. Dynamic Bus Holding Control using Spatial-Temporal Data — A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
4195 Tyler Bikaun, Michael Stewart and Melinda Hodkiewicz. Using Context-Free Grammar To Generate Synthetic Technical Short Texts
4440 Shadi Abpeikar, Kathryn Kasmarik and Matthew Garratt. Reinforcement Learning for Collective Motion Tuning in the Presence of Extrinsic Goals
4500 Max Barker, Meg Willans, Duc-Son Pham, Aneesh Krishna and Mark Hackett. Explainable Detection of Microplastics Using Transformer Neural Networks
4531 Jet Kye Chong and Débora Corrêa. Predicting Marimba Stickings Using Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks
4694 Brahmani Nutakki, Akshay Badola and Vineet Padmanabhan. Systematic Monotonicity for Adversarial Natural Language Inference
4714 Rebekka Olsson Omslandseter, Lei Jiao and B. John Oommen. Enhancing the Speed of Hierarchical Learning Automata by Ordering the Actions – A Pioneering Approach
4762 Muhammad Shadi Hajar, Harsha Kalutarage and M. Omar Al-Kadri. A Robust Exploration Strategy in Reinforcement Learning Based on Temporal Difference Error
4837 Alex Borgida, Enrico Franconi, David Toman and Grant Weddell. Understanding Document Data Source Contents Using Referring Expression Types
4876 Qinglan Fan, Ying Bi, Bing Xue and Mengjie Zhang. Evolving Effective Ensembles for Image Classification Using Multi-objective Multi-tree Genetic Programming
5096 Brandon Abela, Jumana Abu-Khalaf, Chi-Wei Robin Yang, Martin Masek and Ashu Gupta. Automated Radiology Report Generation using a Transformer-Template System: Improved Clinical Accuracy and an Assessment of Clinical Safety
5515 Anandkumar Balasubramaniam, Thirunavukarasu Balasubramaniam, Anand Paul and Richi Nayak. Latent Pattern Identification using Orthogonal-Constraint Coupled Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
5528 Padraig Lamont. Tyche: A library for probabilistic reasoning and belief modelling in Python
5788 Jianlong Zhou, Zhidong Li, Chun Xiao and Fang Chen. Does A Compromise on Fairness Exist in Using AI Models?
5909 Martin Aleksandrov and Philip Kilby. Efficiency and Truthfulness in Dial-a-Ride Problems with Customers Location Preferences
5960 Aaron Hunter. Belief Revision with Dishonest Reports
6121 Yiwei Liu, Ling Li, Senjian An, Petra Helmholz, Richard Palmer and Gareth Baynam. 3D Face Reconstruction with Mobile Phone Cameras for Rare Disease Diagnosis
6228 Jack Hutchison, Duc-Son Pham, Sie Teng Soh and Huo Chong Ling. Explainable Network Intrusion Detection Using External Memory
6280 Junhao Huang, Bing Xue, Yanan Sun and Mengjie Zhang. EDE-NAS: An Eclectic Differential Evolution Approach to Single-Path Neural Architecture Search
6569 Linzhe Cai, Xinghuo Yu, Chaojie Li, Andrew Eberhard, Lien Nguyen and Chuong Doan. Impact of Mathematical Norms on Convergence of Gradient Descent Algorithms for Deep Neural Networks Learning
6782 Braden Thorne, Thomas Jüngling, Michael Small, Débora Corrêa and Ayham Zaitouny. A Novel Approach to Time Series Complexity via Reservoir Computing
6907 Chirath Hettiarachchi, Nicolo Malagutti, Christopher Nolan, Hanna Suominen and Eleni Daskalaki. Non-linear Continuous Action Spaces for Reinforcement Learning in Type 1 Diabetes
7284 Vektor Dewanto and Marcus Gallagher. Examining average and discounted reward optimality criteria in reinforcement learning
7571 Zhuowei Gan, Arcot Sowmya and Gelareh Mohammadi. Zero-shot Personality Perception From Facial Images
7757 Brendon J. Woodford. Boosted Self-­Evolving Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition
7979 Justin Bardwell, Ghulam Mubashar Hassan, Farzaneh Salami and Naveed Akhtar. Cognitive impairment prediction by normal cognitive brain MRI scans using deep learning
8033 Bryce Wohlan, Duc-Son Pham, Kit Yan Chan and Roslyn Ward. A Text-Independent Forced Alignment Method for Automatic Phoneme Segmentation
8191 David Adams. The Feasibility of Deep Counterfactual Regret Minimisation for trading card games
8407 Rukshani Somarathna, Aaron Quigley and Gelareh Mohammadi. Multi-componential Emotion Recognition in VR Using Physiological Signals
8534 Rajchada Chanajitt, Bernhard Pfahringer, Heitor Gomes and Vithya Yogarajan. Multiclass Malware Classification using either Static Opcodes or Dynamic API Calls
8709 Albeiro Espinal, Yannis Haralambous, Dominique Bedart and John Puentes. Uncertainty-Oriented Textual Marker Selection for Extracting Relevant Terms from Job Offers
8818 Diem Pham, Binh Tran, Su Nguyen and Damminda Alahakoon. Fairness Aware Swarm-based Machine Learning for Data Streams
8947 Haoxiang Jie, Zuotao Ning, Qixi Zhao, Wei Liu, Jun Hu and Jian Gao. Multi-view based clustering of 3D LiDAR point clouds for intelligent vehicles
9168 Yi Mei, Rhaz Solomon and Fangfang Zhang. Bloat Control in Genetic Programming with NEAT for Symbolic Regression
9461 Yiqiao Li, Sunny Verma, Shuiqiao Yang, Fang Chen and Jianlong Zhou. Are Graph Neural Network Explainers Robust to Graph Noises?
9541 Eugene Tan, Debora Correa, Thomas Stemler and Michael Small. Machine learning inspired fault detection of dynamical networks
9785 Md. Asif Bin Khaled, Md. Mahin Rahman, Md. Golam Quaiyum and Sumiya Akter. Liver Disease Classification by Pruning Data Dependency utilizing Ensemble Learning based Feature Selection



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